Raco Electrical Back Boxes & Covers

RACO® is a leading manufacturer of steel electrical boxes, covers, and commercial fittings. One of the oldest brands in the electrical industry, our name is synonymous with quality and innovation

What are Electrical Back Boxes?

An electrical back box, also known as a junction box or an electrical enclosure, is a box-shaped container made of metal or plastic. It serves as a protective housing for electrical connections, such as wires, switches, outlets, or junctions. Back boxes are typically installed within walls, ceilings, or floors during the construction phase or when carrying out electrical installations. Metal Back Boxes: Metal back boxes are commonly made from steel or galvanized materials. They are known for their strength, durability, and ability to provide better protection against fire hazards. Metal back boxes are often preferred for commercial or industrial installations where robustness is paramount.

Raco Electrical Steel Back Boxes: Durability and Reliability for Your Electrical Installations

When it comes to electrical installations, safety and durability are of utmost importance. One component that ensures the integrity of electrical connections is the back box. Raco Electrical Steel Back Boxes have been trusted by professionals for years due to their exceptional quality, reliability, and robustness. Raco Electrical Steel Back Boxes are junction boxes made of durable steel, designed to house electrical connections in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. These back boxes are manufactured by Raco, a well-known and respected brand in the electrical industry. Raco Electrical Steel Back Boxes are available in various sizes, configurations, and depths to accommodate different wiring requirements.

Features and Benefits of Raco Electrical Steel Back Boxes

  1. Strength and Durability

  2. Easy Installation

  3. Versatility

  4. CSA listed

Raco Electrical Steel Back Boxes are a reliable and durable choice for electrical installations. Their sturdy steel construction, ease of installation, versatility, and excellent grounding capabilities make them an ideal solution for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. With the added benefits of fire resistance and code compliance, Raco Electrical Steel Back Boxes offer a high level of safety and reliability for your electrical connections. When it comes to choosing back boxes for your electrical installations, trust Raco Electrical Steel Back Boxes to provide the durability and peace of mind you need. Ensure the safety and longevity of your electrical system with these trusted components from Raco.

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