SpectraLoc™ Blue Spectrum Suppression LED

The Spectraloc™ series is designed to virtually eliminate light wavelengths below 500 nm that can degrade ingredients in a variety of food and pharmaceutical production processes. It is suitable for use with most wired or wireless lighting control systems. Target opportunities include brewery, dairy, food processing, freezer, pharmaceutical, warehouse and manufacturing applications.

  • Diffuse wrap lens available
  • Fixed output or 0-10V dimming drivers
  • ControlScope® compatible
  • Easy access to LED boards and drivers
  • CSA listed and suitable for damp locations
  • Available with factory installed On/Off or dimming occupancy sensors
  • Milk: High energy light below 500 nm has been demonstrated to hasten the degradation of critical proteins and vitamins, especially riboflavin (B2), resulting in undesirable flavors often described as tasting like cardboard or plastic.
  • Beer: Short wavelength light causes the production of thiol compounds known as mercaptan or methanethiol, a foul-smelling chemical that can make beer smell and taste “skunky.”
  • Pharmaceuticals and semiconductors: Light below 500 nm can lead to a variety of photo-chemical reactions that can adversely impact production processes.


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