Aircraft Warning Light / Obstruction Light

Heliport System Leader Korea


The Heliport System guides the safe takeoff and landing point of the helicopter. It meets the optical requirements of ICAO and can be applied to various installation environments. The housing is made of die cast aluminum which is resistant to corrosion, and earthquake. It is especially designed to withstand strong impact and high load.

Model No. HLX-1 HILX-1 LALX-1 WC-1-2.4 (2.4m) WC-1-5 (5m) BLFL-1
Type Heliport Perimeter Light "Elevated" Heliport Perimeter Light "Inset" Flood Lighting Wind Direction
Wind Direction
Beacon Light
Power Consumption 5Wh 5Wh 50W 5Wh 5Wh 50Wh
Rated Voltage 24Vdc 24Vdc AC 220V 220Vdc 220Vdc 220Vdc
Intensity 30cd 30cd - 12 x 4(EA)cd 12 x 4(EA)cd 2,000cd
Lamp Color (LED)  Green Green White Indicator - Red
Projector - White
Indicator - Red
Projector - White
Signal Type Fixed Fixed Fixed - - Flashing
IP Rating IP66 IP66  IP66 IP66 IP66 IP66


Made in Korea