Cultivaire™ horticultural luminaire

The Cultivaire™ horticultural luminaire provides three full-spectrum LED color distribution options to improve plant yields for general, flowering and vegetative plant growth cycles. CGS Series.

  • Only 368W for PPF output 700+ μmol/s
  • Three light recipes: Vegetative, Flowering, and General Spectrum
  • Wide distribution allows for large grow areas
  • One-for-one replacement of a 600W HID
  • 0-10V dimming standard - adjust light output to plant requirements
  • Reported LED lifetime (90% lumen maintenance), per IESNA TM-21, is more than 60,000 hours (L10K90 greater than 60,000)
  • Calculated LED lifetime (70% lumen maintenance) is more than 200,000 hours, when operated at a max. ambient temperature of 50ºC
  • Five year warranty (Terms and Conditions Apply)

The Cultivaire Grow System is suitable for commercial grow houses, research facilities, hydroponic growers and university departments


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